Take security measures

Security measures will result from:

  • the security strategy,
  • the security policy, and
  • your risk analysis.

Do not skip a step: you might forget about measures essential to your protection. You will find a 'best of' of common security measures, which you can adapt for use within your organization.

Have a business continuity and incident handling plan

Have you ever been the victim of a security incident? If so, you will understand the importance of a business continuity plan. If not, it is unfortunately only a matter of time. Act before you are confronted with an incident - prepare yourself and test your plan.

Manage access to your computer and networks

Just as you manage the physical security of your organization, you must manage information security. Do not leave your information accessible to everybody, at any time.

Manage your key ICT assets

Make an inventory of your infrastructure (networks, communications, servers...) in order to determine which security measures must take priority.

Manage antivirus protection

Antivirus software protects you from intrusion. You would not let just anyone into your house - take the same precautions with your IT infrastructure.

Update all programs

Take care to maintain and update your applications. Security updates protect you against known vulnerabilities.

Back-up all information

Data loss results in a loss of productivity in your business, but that is not all. The consequences can be more serious, such as when you lose your current orders or personal data.

Secure remote access

Is the mobility of your employees important? Of course, but not at the expense of your information security. Make the right choices to allow remote access, but in a controlled way.

Secure workstations and mobile devices

Lock access to workstations and mobile devices so that unauthorised persons do not access your organization's information without permission.

Secure servers and network components

Do not leave the door ajar - your other security measures alone would not be sufficient.

Secure your website

Proper website security is important. It is the face of your organization.

Secure your Cloud

Cloud Computing services have enable businesses to go beyond the well know frontiers of storage, speed, access, flexibility and thus, productivity but it has definitely brought a new set of security concerns.

Secure your new technologies

IoT and AI have made their breaking entrance into our modern world. They surely enable business to try new things out and automate several aspects but they also bring significant concerns