Raise staff awareness of cyber risks

People remain the most important link in information security. You therefore need to raise awareness on a permanent basis. Make sure your employees take your message to heart and do not hesitate to test their knowledge. In the event of a cyber attack, your employees are your first defence. Some examples of awareness-raising procedures: secure passwords, social engineering and phishing, screen saver and computer lock (with ctrl-alt-del), ...

Human beings  are an important link in any information security chain. Make your internal and external collaborators aware of the risks of information security. Make sure they assimilate your message by testing their knowledge. They will be your first defense in case of attack.

Some examples of awareness campaigns:

  • Use of passwords
  • Screen Locks
  • Do not click on links from unknown senders

This requires that internal and external collaborators are made aware of:

  • the risks of information security linked to your company,
  • the need to report in case they spotted something strange on the company’s premises, on their workstation, on their mobile phone or on the network,

Make sure that collaborators assimilate your messages by testing their knowledge. They will be your first defense in case of attack. The ways and the means that you use to communicate with your staff to raise awareness and educate them will be determined in a communication campaign. Make sure that your messages are concrete and that goals are feasible. Ensure that your campaign reaches your staff. Continually re-evaluate your internal communication in order to improve it. Do not hesitate to launch a quiz or surveys or test your staff to see how they react for example to phishing e-mails.