Plan Your Cyber security

Involve top management

The organization's management is responsible for its information security and must establish the security objectives and ambitions of the organization. Evaluate your level of information security. Define where you are, and which level you want to reach. To achieve that, also mark your governance and security policies, to make your frame of action as clear as possible.

Raise staff awareness of cyber risks

Human beings remain the most vulnerable link in any information security chain. Make your internal and external collaborators aware of the risks of information security. Make sure they assimilate your messages by testing their knowledge. They will be your first defense in case of attack.

Publish a corporate security policy and a code of conduct

The security policy consists of defining the rules that must be followed by all if the organization is to reach the level of security of the information defined in the security strategy.

Security by Design and Security by Default

Companies/organisations are encouraged to implement technical and organisational measures, at the earliest stages of the design of the processing operations.