Perform Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Exercises

Business Continuity Testing verifies the procedures for a business to continue during periods of business disruption. Business continuity is different from disaster recovery in that it is testing the ability for a business to continue operations regardless of the state of the business IT system.

Due to the fast pace of business and technology evolving, your Business Continuity Program needs to be tested at least annually, in order to make sure it has been adapted to the evolution that has taken place over the last year.

Business objectives might have changed, new databases have become critical, servers might have been migrated, upgraded, decomissioned or moved to the cloud.... make sure your disaster recovery program has been updated and tested to account for these changes.


Testing your Business Continuity Program will help you:

  • Identify gaps or weaknesses in your BC plan
  • Confirm that your continuity objectives are met
  • Evaluate the company’s response to various kinds of disruptive events
  • Improve systems and processes based on test findings
  • Update your BCP accordingly