Inform users about safe web behaviour

Train your users on malicious websites, and their behaviour when downloading files or programs

  • Employees must be aware about clicking on suspicious links or malicious downloads.This is achieved by a deeper understanding of the warning signs of a fraudulous website
  • Employees should be trained in recognising websites with invalid certificates
  • Employees should be trained in recognising fraudulent domain-names and typosquatting
  • Disable pop-up windows, as they invite risks
  • Users should be aware of the risks of installing software programs from unknown sources.

In addition to training and awareness, enforce Safe Web Behaviour by implementing technical measures:

On the Host:

  • Disable access to the brower settings for normal users, so they cannot disable basic secuirty measures.
  • Install an Antivirus that is specifically designed to also handle web traffic.


On the Firewall / Proxy:

  • Configure Antivirus / Antispam / Antimalware settings to warn or block users from accessing malicious sites