Have an up-to-date inventory of network devices and connections

Keeping a detailed map of your IT infrastructure allows you to evaluate its robustness, performance and stability. At the same time, you check your maintenance contracts and identify the components that are no longer used but still connected.

Keep this inventory up to date. If there is an incident, it can help you to detect where the problem comes from and potentially which supplier you need to contact. Do you entrust this task to external staff? Don't forget that you need to keep control of the situation.

Your Network inventory should not only be limited to physical devices, but it also needs to document all;

  • VLAN Configurations and associated IP Address Ranges
  • All Different Zones, and associated Security Settings
  • All Connectivity and  Internet Lines
  • Any Access Control Lists or Firewall Rules


Have an up-to-date inventory of network devices, including Routers, Switches, Modems, Wifi Acces Point, Firewalls, Proxy and reverse proxies, Remote Access Gateways, ...