Have an up-to-date inventory of mobile devices and tablets

Keeping an inventory of your IT assets allows you to understand the scope of your essential assets. It also helps you to identify those resources that are no longer used but have not yet been decommissioned.

Keep an inventory of all mobile devices and tablets, both company owned as privately owned (if they have access to your data), including what resources they can access in your company.

You should make sure you are able to impose minimum security requirements, such as up-to-date operating systems, up-to-date antivirus and antimalware systems and the ability to revoke access and erase data remotely.



Consider using a Mobile Device Management (MDM).

A  mobile device management solution can help enterprises tackle the security issues associated with mobile devices. MDM gives admins a way to track lost or stolen mobile devices using GPS, remotely wipe data if and when required, and more. ..

Most Mobile Device Management Systems offer many of the below advantages:


Containerization gives admins a way to isolate corporate data from personal apps. Isolating corporate data on employees’ mobile devices prevents any vulnerabilities in personal apps from risking the security of business data.

Email management

Email is a vital tool of communication for most businesses, but it’s also a major source of data leaks.Forcing employees to access coporate emails using a managed device helps keep corporate data safe.  

OS updates

Keeping devices up-to-date has always been a best practice. MDM facilitates the remote deployment of critical OS updates, keeping OS vulnerabilities patched and preventing any OS-targeted mobile malware attacks. Automatic OS updates, combined with proper scheduling and testing, helps enterprises avoid unneccessary breakdowns and improve employees’ overall productivity.

Device tracking and remote wipe

Not all users handle their devices safely; some employees may lose their devices or fall victim to theft. With MDM security procedures in place, admins can locate these lost devices and remotely wipe the corporate data on them, keeping this data safe.  

Other controls

Apart from the controls mentioned above, MDM also enables admins to detect compromised devices, block unwanted URLs, secure their organization’s network communication by deploying proxy configurations, and more.







Have an up-to-date inventory of mobile devices.


Have an up-to-date inventory of end user devices, including private devices with organizational data (mail, docs,...)